Hello! Thanks for checking out my website!

I'm 'thebiggestboss', though people usually call me 'biggest' or something like that. I made this name when I was like 14 or something (I'm 20 now), and it's from Metal Gear, one of my favorite series.
Don't really have too much to say here, but some of my main interests, and what I'll probably predominately write on, are music (including performing and composing), literature, videogames, and computers (though I don't really do any coding).
I'm also wanting to get into tabletop games, mainly GURPS.

Music is probably my main outlet. The main music I listen to is rock/metal, and many many of their subgenres (prog rock/metal, folk-rock, indie/alt-rock) and subgenres of those subgenres. Though I really can find something I like in almost every genre.
I play a few instruments, the one I'm the best at is the Euphonium and brass instruments in general, but I also play some piano and guitar. I've played these since middle school.

A little list of my favorite videogames and game series includes Metal Gear, Silent Hill, Devil May Cry (as well as stuff from Platinum Games), Resident Evil, Halo, Starcraft, The Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Pokemon, Fromsoft games, Final Fantasy (and a lot of other Square JRPGs), and Mother. I guess that's most of them? I also could talk about the lore of a lot of these (especially TES and Souls) for the rest of time.

Maybe you'll find some of this stuff interesting.

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Feel free to contact me at thebiggestboss1234#6422 for any questions or concerns.
I'm really new and bad at web design if you couldn't tell, suggestions on how I can improve it all would be really appreciated

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