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Eventually, I'll make this more streamlined, until then, deal wit it.


wowie i kinda sorta forgot to add to this site
My second semester has started and it's a lot more work than the last. Aside from schoolwork I really haven't been doing anything. Well, really, I've been reminiscing about the 2009-2016ish internet and all the dumb stuff from it, like TheBestGamers and their forums, newgrounds, youtube poop, all the speedruns, and some lets players and other youtubers I used to watch. I'm only 20 (yes I was way too young to have near unrestricted internet access), but I always feel so old whenever I go back to that time and see all the desolate, if not deleted, forums, websites, and videos. I'm glad I've kinda grown out of the whole 'edgy dumb kid on the internet' thing; though it's always fun to go back as, for me atleast, it was a more innocent and fun time. Of course, this is getting harder and harder as the years go by and all of these things are being shut down or deleted with little to no archives, which honestly is probably a good thing. As I've gotten older I've started to actually realize that the internet has always just been full of people who don't really exist to do anything except predate on others, even in those afroementioned 'innocent' times (i think people still remember dumb shit like the phil fish/fez and gamergate stuff). Thinking about that kind of stuff and seeing what some of the relics from that time period are up to, I just feel tired of it since nothing's changed at all, which has sort of made me wary of having an online presence at all, except I think somehow people have gotten even less mature.

Anyways, in December I adopted a stray kitten, she's been doing very well. I've also started going back to trying to learn Blender, if anything ever comes out of that I'll post it here. I haven't gotten any new vinyl records or anything sadly. I'm really excited for the RE4 and Silent Hill 2 remakes, those are two of my favorite games of all time.

Lately, my mental health has kind of been suffering, so I'm thinking I'm gonna just take some time off from everything and focus on school. I still want to make stuff for the site, but it will probably be a while.
Thanks for reading this really long winded, disjointed, vent-y post, have a song.


New blog. I changed some things around on the index, and added a few interesting records to the vinyl pages.
I'm on winter break, so hopefully I can work more on the design and layout of the site. I don't really have much to talk about otherwise. I've been kinda feeling bleh lately mentally and physically, but I suppose that's not too unusual with the holiday season.
Happy holidays. Hope everyone is doing well. Here's a great song.


birthday edition

Not really much to say on this one. Turned twenty today. Got some gifts, including a couple of records (expect a post on them soon in the vinyl section).
To make this one special(?), here's two songs that are really important to me on so many levels.


I've decided to actually upload some stuff here besides random youtube links, I'll be introducing a "collections" section accessible from the index, and will make a few pages there dedicated to showing off some of the stuff that I really enjoy and talking about them; particularly my vinyl records, some books, and some videogames that I've collected. I've been a little busy with schoolwork among other things but I'll be dedicating a little bit of time every day to working on it.

Oh yeah, have a cool song.


It's been TWO MONTHS since I said I was going to work on this, and now I finally am.
I've decided to take out all the meme stuff from the webamp, and I'm going to start putting in music that's actually listenable (not that I dislike crosby still nash and young). I know this is the third time I've said I'll work on this, but it's for real this time; I actually know what I'd like to share.
That being said, I will have to overhaul this blog section as just making more and more headers and paragraphs is not sustainable. I might end up completely wiping this page, not like there is much on it anyhow.
Eventually, if I can get the ball rolling, I might end up dropping neocities and hosting my own actual website, I recently upgraded my computer case, so I just have a gutted one sitting around and I'd like to possibly turn it into a little server for stuff. Neocities is great, but only using HTML is limiting to say the least. As for stuff happening in my life, if anyone cares, I suppose I've been pretty alright lately. Decided to change my focus in school from biochemistry (i don't even know why I started that in the first place) to a two year IT program much closer to home and I've been really enjoying it. I feel pretty dumb for not even considering IT until this year, I've always been pretty good with computers since I was a little kid, and more importantly, I learn quickly on them. My birthday is also in two weeks, so there's that.
that's about it, here's a good song


We back in this, I'm not sure what I wanna do with this site, work had me slogged the entire summer so not much came of that, but I'd like to start working on this again. So expect stuff in the future, maybe. In the meantime, more music.


School has been rough since I've gotten back, so I probably won't have much time with the website, writing this has been the first time I've touched it since mid March actually. Hopefully this Summer I will have more time and motivation.

3/11/2022 12:00 am

I'm now on spring break. Though I'm not moving back home until tomorrow. I will be dedicating a few days of the week specifically to getting better at HTML/updating the site.
Since I don't really have too much to talk about, whenever I get back home, I'll making a blog post showing some of the stuff I've collected over the years, for anyone that might find it interesting, and my own documentation.

Here's today's song, by China Crisis. I've been listening to a lot of New Wave (think 80s Genesis, Talking Heads, China Crisis, etc.) this week partly in thanks to Pibb's recommendations.
Be sure to check out his website by following this link. He's a good friend with great music taste; he was the one who helped me decide to make my own site in the first place.

3/9/2022 12:00 am

24 hours later and I've made the website a little more appealing to the eye, with a beautiful space background minted circa 2004. I've added a guestbook too! Since neocities doesn't allow things that would require to be hosted on your server (php, SQL, etc.) I've opted to just link to htmlguestbook. Feel free to write in it if you wish and lemme know what you think of the site so far, and what I should do to improve!

What I've been listening to

3/8/2022 12:00 am

I now have the site up, and have played around with it a little. I don't particularly have anything planned for this website, other than just me messing around. This is what I'm listening to as I type this.

It has been pretty fun coding on my own after a few years, even if HTML is considered 'easy'. I'm not too sure how often I'll be making blog posts, but I wanna aim for maybe once a week.

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