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Most of my vinyls are prog rock and stuff along those lines, but I've got a couple of outliers as well.

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Red - King Crimson (England, 1974)

Starting with a few of my all time favorites, the first one I'm putting on the site is Red by King Crimson.
I wrote a LOT about this album, as it's one of my favorites from my favorite band, I probably won't do that for everything on here, but I will keep it collapsable to make the page easier to scroll through and if anyone still would actually like to read all that.

In depth stuff about Red

Released on October 6, 1974, this is King Crimson's seventh studio album.
It features frontman Robert Fripp on guitar, John Wetton on bass and vocals, and Bill Bruford, previously from Yes, on percussion.
Others who worked on the album, though not featured on the cover, include former King Crimson members such as: Mel Collins, Ian McDonald, and David Cross on strings and saxophones.

Though the album did not perform as well in UK and American charts as their previous albums, Red was granted universal acclaim, and is still cited by critics and fans today as, arguably, King Crimson's best studio album, and one of the best progressive rock albums of all time.
The LP was the last of the 'King Crimson III' lineup, and made during a period where the band was splitting by the seams, with Robert Fripp disbanding the group two weeks before Red's release.
The record is filled to the brim with very powerful (and surprisingly emotional) melancholic lyricism, innovative and genius composition that many people describe as one of the pioneers of progressive metal/heavy metal; and lastly, absolutely premiere musicianship from the incredible lineup that was Fripp, Bruford, and Wetton.

King Crimson broke up two weeks before the release of this album, not to be seen again until 1981 with the arrival of the 'King Crimson IV' lineup and the Discipline LP.

This particular record is part of the 2016 reissues from DGM (Robert Fripp's own record label). It's also the first record I ever purchased, and one of my favorite albums ever.
I emplore anyone and everyone to give this album, or even just Starless, a listen.

Favorite Tracks

Fallen Angel
One More Red Nightmare

Octopus - Gentle Giant (England, 1972)

Probably my favorite from the criminally underrated band that is Gentle Giant, this album just oozes all of the best characteristics a prog rock band could have.

Favorite Tracks

Advent of Panurge
Think of Me with Kindness

Tarkus - Emerson, Lake, and Palmer (England, 1971)

Classic album, one of ELP's best if not only for the title track. I've always loved the album art. If there ever was an album to help someone get into ELP, or prog rock in general, I'd pick this one.

Favorite Tracks

Bitches Crystal

Brain Salad Surgery - Emerson, Lake, and Palmer (England, 1973)

Also, here's some pictures from the booklet since I love stuff that unfolds into cool designs so much


I really cannot put into words how much I love this album, I think it's perfect in every way and ELP's best work. From the compositional complexity to the incredible musicianship of everyone involved. This album really sounds like it was plucked straight from the future and not made in some recording studio in England made using analog equipment. This particular record is a original pressing, the booklet is also original.

Favorite Tracks

Still... You Turn Me On
Karn Evil 9

Close to The Edge - Yes (1972 England)

Following up the extremely successful and amazing album Fragile, Yes released this bombshell and achieved what I think was their peak. Very strong contender for my favorite album of all time. This record is a original pressing.

Favorite Tracks

Close to The Edge
And You and I

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