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The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars - David Bowie (1972 England)

Another album incredibly important to me that I also consider an absolute 10/10 front to back. My dad showed me this album, and David Bowie as a whole, when I was a kid. Because of that I've always held his albums, especially this one, close to me. This record is a reissue.

Favorite Tracks

Soul Love
Moonage Daydream
Ziggy Stardust
Hang On To Yourself
Rock n Roll Suicide

Deathconsciousness - Have a Nice Life (2008, USA)

An odd one out from the rest of my collection, being very new, and very 'indie'. Made in 2008 with less than $1000 and a bunch of old, crappy equipment, as well as a laptop. I feel that anyone and everyone, especially aspiring independent musicians, should listen to this record atleast once, if not just to see how powerful music can be no matter the fidelity, budget, or upbringing of the artist. I'm honestly speechless when it comes to describing this album, it's better just to experience it yourself (and read the borderline deranged booklet that comes with it!).

Favorite Tracks

A Quick One Before the Eternal Worm Devours Connecticut
There Is No Food
Holy Fucking Shit: 40,000
I Don't Love

Scenery - Ryo Fukui (1976, Japan)

Another outlier, this is the first album from the great jazz pianist Ryo Fukui. This record is mostly covers, but the title track is original. Now honestly, this album is not as outstandish and spectacular as others I've shown. But the reason why this album is so important to me that I feel that I should share it is not the quality of the musicianship, but the fact that Ryo Fukui had never touched the piano until he was 22, and yet was able to curate his skills excellently and make a beautiful album.
I guess the moral is that it's never too late to learn anything, especially music.

Favorite Tracks

I Want To Talk About You
Autumn Leaves

The OZ Tapes - Les Rallizes Dénudés (Released 2022 recorded ~1973, Japan)

A very, very, interesting record with a LOT of very, very interesting history behind it, stretching back to 1967. I won't get into it on here, but I commend you to read up on it, it's utterly insane. This is the first official release from Les Rallizes Dénudés since the mid 90's. The band was part of Japan's noise and heavy psychedelic scene, which spanned from the 70s to about the mid 90s. This record features very high quality recordings of the band, which allow you to really appreciate Mizutani's vocals and what the group was capable of in terms of songwriting without the distraction of incredibly distorted guitars, feedback, and static. This record lacks much of the harsh noisiness that their live and bootleg releases are famous for. Personally, I'm a big fan of the noisiness, but this record carries an entirely different energy than the band's other, more aggressive, ethereal, noisy releases. Not for everyone, but I really love it and the history behind it.

If you'd like more recommendations from the Japanese heavy psychedelic/noise scene, you should look into the bands 'LSD March', 'Boris', and 'Suishou no Fune'

Favorite Tracks

Wilderness of False Flowers
White Awakening
The Last One
Vertigo Otherwise My Conviction

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